What The Devil Himself Has To Say About Hell During An Exorcism – Part 1

Devil: “It is a great success for us that the Church today speaks less and less of the holy and healthy fear of the Most High. Thanks to our subtle work, some priests do not talk about it at all, either because they no longer believe it themselves, or because they feel ashamed and are afraid of coming across as naïve or conservative. On the contrary, nowadays you feel fear for the law, for other men, for humiliation, but you have no traces of any fear for the Most High anymore. We demons have become the greatest preachers of Heaven’s Mercy, but we preach that without talking about justice, and so we bring you off the right path, we make you believe that your sins not only will not take you to hell, but will remain completely unpunished. By hissing in your souls that the Almighty is merciful and not reminding you that He is just (as if Justice denied Mercy) we bring you to not love Him back, but to offend Him without restraint. And that’s what you do more and more often, because, believing in us, you deceive yourself into thinking that you can step on His love, and not pay the consequences.

If you love yourself, if you want to find convincing reasons to not sin, learn how to evaluate things, especially time and eternity, in the light of the holy fear of the Most High. He loves you, but He also wants you to love him back. He invites you to believe strongly in His Mercy, but without underestimating, even minimally, his Justice. Always keep the holy and healthy fear of the Most High, which translates into fear of eternal damnation, of the eternal fire, with which bodies and souls in hell will be forever tortured. That’s enough! I did not mean to say those things! Stay warned that Hell exists!”

Exorcist: “I order you to continue in the name of God.”

Devil: “None of you can go to hell without knowing it. That there are opportunities and a serious risk of eternal damnation you have been warned and reminded of on many occasions by the Most High. Priests in particular are warned frequently, because you have closer contact with the Holy Scripture. But in addition to His written word, the Most High reminds you of the reality of hell, and the risk that exists for anyone to go there, and he does so by speaking in the depths of your consciousness, or in your sleep, or through the death of good or bad people. When you visit a dying man, or one who has just died, and pray for him, saying, “Lord, give him eternal rest, let perpetual light shine on him. May he rest in peace. Amen”, how can you not remember hell? Perhaps in that moment you think about it, but then you go back to your everyday hectic life, and the thought of Judgment of the Most High and hell disappears. When someone is dying, you should think that this is the time the last card is played for that soul: around the dying person there are also present, like vultures, many evil spirits that do everything they can to drag that soul to hell with them. And seeing a dying man, you should think that one day it’s up to you to die, undergo the Judgment, and see yourself accepted or rejected by Heaven. God’s Mercy continues to remind you of that!

The Almighty never fails to call you back, as any good mother would do to save her children away from danger. In His mercy, He is willing to forgive all your sins, because He wants no one to be lost. What did He not do for you during His life on Earth, His passion and terrible death? Nothing He left out back then, and nothing He leaves out today for your salvation. If the Almighty has done and is doing so much to save you, this is confirmation that there is for you the risk of getting lost. And if the Most High does not underestimate this risk you run, you must not underestimate it either, in your own interest. But you have not yet learnt to love yourself! Remind these truths to yourself, and do not neglect to remind them to others. Until one is still alive, he has a chance to save himself, as long as he says, “Have mercy, Lord, have mercy on me.” But when the soul separates from the body there is no chance; at that same moment Judgment takes place: in a flash, he will see his entire life and will have to answer for it to the Almighty. And woe to that soul that has not purified herself in time, with a sincere repentance of all her sins: She will experience from that moment and for all eternity the wrath of the just Judge. The only thing that the supreme Judge will offer at that point to such soul is to let her go to hell, away from him. It would be a more terrible punishment for that soul if, in those conditions of stubborn sin, she had to stay in heaven: the sight of the Most High, His angels, His saints, full of grace, clothed with glory and full of joy, would be a torture greater than all the pains she will suffer in hell.”

Source: “Grande Opera Mariana Gesù e Maria”, Oct-Dec 2005, n.4

Exorcism conducted on 8/11/1983

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