What The Devil Himself Has To Say About Hell During An Exorcism – Part 2

Devil: “For all you will have to pray a lot, even for those that you consider to be saints. We do not leave anyone alone, nor during their life, nor in time of death. Even those who have walked through the narrow path for all of their lives, can be gravely tempted in the moment of death: we try to create darkness in the soul, and to bring her into despair. You have to pray a lot and for all, not only to help them avoid hell, but also to avoid or at least reduce the time of purification they will spend in Purgatory. It is terrible thing also the Purgatory. It is terrible when the soul separates from the body with death and cannot be welcomed by the Most High because it is not yet fully purified from sins committed in life. Sure, there are people who will avoid the cleansing fire of Purgatory because the Mercy of the Most High will take into account the many sufferings they endured in their lifetime, but also for them death will be terrible. Only in a few cases, by the will of Heaven, death does come with a horrible face. Talk of death in your sermons, now you talk too little about it, and your people continue to live in sin and recklessness. Pray and have prayers said for those that are dying, and for the souls in Purgatory. That’s enough, I have said enough! The holy fear of God must be announced to everybody!”

Exorcist: “Go ahead and tell what Heaven has commanded you to say.”

Devil: “I, Beelzebub, was forced to tell you these things, and I am forced to say again: cultivate this holy and healthy fear of the Most High. All of you have to talk about it: educators to the young people in their care, teachers to their students, and parents to their children. The Pope must talk about it to the whole Church, the bishops to their priests, and religious superiors to consecrated souls. Especially, Priests should talk about it in their homilies, much more than they do now. If you do not preach the fear of the Most High in this life, nothing will be left in the afterlife than terror, the fear of a Judge Who, there, does not forgive, the terror of hell, eternal absence of remedy. Better for you the holy fear in this life, than the anguish of Purgatory in the other, or the eternal terror you would find in hell. (Screams fearfully). I am forced to tell you that this is the truth. Do not believe those who deceive you by saying that the Most High is infinite Mercy and neglect to tell you that He is also infinite Justice.”

Source: “Grande Opera Mariana Gesù e Maria”, Oct-Dec 2005, n.4

Exorcism conducted on 8/11/1983

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