God will not reward the intensity of suffering, but rather the way of accepting it

“My children, you who suffer tribulations, sufferings, injustices, you often complain and the temptation of discouragement knocks at your doors. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Look at Me, look at Me suffering in silence and without complaints all the suffering that those who crucified Me did to me. And the greater My silence, the more they wrestled with Me, because My meekness produced anger in them, My resignation also affected them, because they did not understand how I did not rebel against them and say all manner of expletives and insults against them. But My Father will not reward the intensity of suffering, but rather the way of overcoming and accepting it, because even the animals suffer, but accepting and offering suffering for the good of souls and of all Humanity, only those who love God do this. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I instructed you in My public life and taught you the beatitudes and forgiveness and love for enemies; but then children, I corroborated everything with My example and I demonstrated to you how to suffer for the love of God and souls in order to have merit and to give glory to God. And in case my example is not enough for you, look at My Mother humiliated before the Cross, also bearing insults, but accepting and uniting her pain to Mine, and in this way there was only a single pain. Yes, children, yes, We both suffered what you cannot imagine, and yet we did everything out of love for souls and our enemies, so that they would understand that God is Love and that He forgives unconditionally.

Many of those people who spat on us and attacked us with insulting and improper words later on in the course of time were martyrs for the cause of the Gospel, because the grace of God touched them and they understood that I really was the Messiah. Therefore, give an example of patience and meekness to those who hurt you, insult you, marginalize or reject you, because later on your example may be a means by which God may use to reconvert them. You spouses who argue over trifles without any importance, be patient with one another, mutually respecting each other and not trying to argue, because this is just what My adversary wants. Children, look at me crucified and look at My Mother at the foot of the Cross with her Immaculate Heart pierced with sorrow. May Her and My example be your models to imitate. My Father will work wonders in souls if you know how to endure suffering as we endured it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.”

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On being kind

“My children, who would go about throwing away treasure from a chest little by little? It would not occur to anyone to throw away precious stones or gold and silver coins without paying any importance to them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Every day you, children, throw away treasures which would be eternal for your souls. You throw away the opportunity for a smile, you throw away the opportunity to do something good, to give up your seat in the bus, to be kind to a neighbor; every day you throw away veritable treasures of holiness that would go to filling the coffers of your souls, so that by accumulating them you might one day attain Eternal Life.
You believe that holiness is doing heroic acts, acts that not everyone can do, such as fasting for 40 days, or stopping drinking water for a long time, but no, children, no, holiness is doing at every moment what I, Jesus, would do, and giving love to souls as the opportunity presents itself to you, and demonstrating to them that you are true Christians because you do not discriminate between people. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

A simple life lived in every moment with the intention of pleasing God and the desire to save souls or to convert sinners, such a life lived this way in union with Me is an endless source of holiness, and since they are simple things that you are doing, the tares of vanity cannot enter you because only I know the value of those small acts done with the intention of helping and giving love to souls. Do not waste the treasure you have every day of doing good in small things. One day you will be presented with doing good in greater things, but I ask you to sanctify the present moment without thinking about the future, as you do not know whether you will have one. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Be simple, humble Christians without proposing heroics, as if I want you to do them I will send them and I will give you the grace for it, but do not waste those daily treasures that are smiling, being kind, being long-suffering with the humiliating things said to you, and thus you will accumulate it [treasure] within you, and those little battles that you win at every moment will prepare you to win in time the great battles or days of trial that come to you, from which nobody’s life is ever exempt. So, children, start from now on to give an example of kindness and courtesy so that those who receive such acts of love – even if they do not realize it at the time – might later think that there is something in you that attracts them, and that something is the love that you have for Me and that is translated in your small and great actions. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.”
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On forgiveness 

“Alleluia, children, alleluia!, because one more year you celebrate My Easter Resurrection and rejoice in it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

See that death no longer has dominion over Me and likewise will not have it over you if you die in Me and with the soul clean from mortal sins and grudges. Do not hold a grudge against anyone as this is an immense poison for your soul and can make you lose blissful eternity. Anyone who has something against their brother or sister, against their neighbor, no matter how much they have done to them, may they forgive them from the heart and not hold any grudges against them, and were it the case that they should meet them, speak to them, because I forgave My enemies and those who were cruel to Me from the Cross, and My Mother imitated me in everything. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Children, do not play with your eternal salvation over some quarrels that have already passed, that are consequences of your human weakness, because many die with this poison in the soul and cannot enter Heaven, and if they stay in Purgatory its duration is immense, because you have to forgive and to do it from the heart. Remember My new Commandment that you love one another but as I have loved you (Jn 13:34), not in your way of loving, but Mine. Children, this is very important, and although I have said it many times, I will always have to remind you because there are many, many souls who do not forgive and who suffocate in their own pride, which is the worst attachment that they can have. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
Everyone who forgives the evil done to them has Me ready to forget their sins and to forgive them, because the one who knows how to forgive and forget is a soul that has understood My doctrine and that imitates Me and pleases me very much. Therefore, children, put this into your heads as I suggest: forgive, forgive, forgive, and if it costs you, go to My Holy Mother so that She may help you, or come to Me so that I may help you to undertake that forgiveness, as not granting it harms you more than anyone else.

Be holy in every respect. Be virtuous in everything, so that at the hour of death there might be nothing that prevents you from entering My Kingdom. Do not eternally carry this great evil that is resentment, because the same will choke you in your own vileness and lead you to total ruin. Children, you who read these messages, may you not slip, may you not read and put them away; put them into practice but do it now, do not delay this matter any longer. I, Jesus, am asking you and instructing you.”
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On complaining and criticizing

“Children of God, be aware that you have a soul to save and that no one will save it for you; it is your task, and although the grace of God will not fail you, you must strive to do everything on your side. I, Mary Most Holy, am speaking to you.

Do not speak so negatively that you spend your life criticizing and murmuring about everyone, children, including your relatives; even your thoughts are the source for you of unfavorable criteria regarding this or that person, and with this you are lacking in charity. You must also confess those negative things that you think about this or that person, because you are not perfect and also have far to travel in order to reach perfection.

Do not be negative when talking, neither when it is cold nor when it is hot. Do not complain so much about the weather, fatigue, rulers, bosses, teachers. Be more charitable souls and more like Jesus who loved everyone alike, and if he did have to admonish someone, he did it for their good and sometimes in public in order to show that such souls were not to be imitated. I, Mary Most Holy am speaking to you.

We are in the month that you have dedicated to me and you offer me novenas, songs and flowers. I am pleased that you do so but it would please me more if the flowers that you offer me were [those of] making a greater effort to improve yourselves, to restrain your tongue, to speak more positively rather than negatively, because you make trouble in everything with your negativity and you influence those who listen to you . And this I say also for those people who lead a life of piety, but then stumble regarding the same things as those who do not.

Children, you should do more to edify those who know you and with whom you live, because if they see you who lead a life of piety with so much imperfection, not only do you not transmit faith but you cancel it out it in those in whom it is weak. Children, be therefore souls that edify, souls that are seen and God is praised; it is not enough to lead a life of piety, you need to be consistent with that life at all times, inside and outside Church, and thus you will honor your Heavenly Father who sees everything and is constantly looking at you. I, Mary Most Holy, am speaking to and instructing you.”
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In Enduring and Offering Yourselves You will be Martyrs

“Marvelous are the rewards that await those souls who, overcoming one tribulation after another, will reach blessed eternity, where I await them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

There are souls who without knowing it are true martyrs in My church. They suffer one tribulation after another, and they do not know that I arrange it thus for a greater crown and so that they might grow in more virtue, and because additionally those tribulations suffered out of love for Me and My glory, will attract many other souls, some of them among their relatives, to blessed eternity. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

So, children, do not be discouraged when this and that trial come to you. My mortal enemy wants you to make you succumb, so that you abandon Me and leave the way free for him to work ill in souls, but in enduring and offering yourselves, you will be martyrs for My Truth and you will be souls that draw – without even knowing it – many others. Therefore, rejoice when, serving me and being faithful to me, adversity arises for you. Do not be concerned about honor or recognition by creatures; only be concerned that I, Jesus, am with you, and although it seems that I have abandoned you, I do not leave you for even a single moment. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I know that if it depended on you and you had the opportunity, you would fight for My Truth in all groups. I know that your desire is that I would be victorious in this society and that in the Church I be given the worship and adoration that I deserve for being God and Lord. And I, in a way that you do not even realize, make your wishes come true even if you do not notice them, because many of them are fulfilled without your being aware of it. Therefore, My souls, all dear to My Heart: courage, love, perseverance and peace; I am with you until the end, and if you do not turn your back on me, nor will I, because you are the ones who truly defend My Church, My Gospel and the true Magisterium of the Church. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and encouraging you to keep going forward. Peace to everyone who, reading this message, believes it and puts it into practice.”
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