God will not reward the intensity of suffering, but rather the way of accepting it

“My children, you who suffer tribulations, sufferings, injustices, you often complain and the temptation of discouragement knocks at your doors. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Look at Me, look at Me suffering in silence and without complaints all the suffering that those who crucified Me did to me. And the greater My silence, the more they wrestled with Me, because My meekness produced anger in them, My resignation also affected them, because they did not understand how I did not rebel against them and say all manner of expletives and insults against them. But My Father will not reward the intensity of suffering, but rather the way of overcoming and accepting it, because even the animals suffer, but accepting and offering suffering for the good of souls and of all Humanity, only those who love God do this. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I instructed you in My public life and taught you the beatitudes and forgiveness and love for enemies; but then children, I corroborated everything with My example and I demonstrated to you how to suffer for the love of God and souls in order to have merit and to give glory to God. And in case my example is not enough for you, look at My Mother humiliated before the Cross, also bearing insults, but accepting and uniting her pain to Mine, and in this way there was only a single pain. Yes, children, yes, We both suffered what you cannot imagine, and yet we did everything out of love for souls and our enemies, so that they would understand that God is Love and that He forgives unconditionally.

Many of those people who spat on us and attacked us with insulting and improper words later on in the course of time were martyrs for the cause of the Gospel, because the grace of God touched them and they understood that I really was the Messiah. Therefore, give an example of patience and meekness to those who hurt you, insult you, marginalize or reject you, because later on your example may be a means by which God may use to reconvert them. You spouses who argue over trifles without any importance, be patient with one another, mutually respecting each other and not trying to argue, because this is just what My adversary wants. Children, look at me crucified and look at My Mother at the foot of the Cross with her Immaculate Heart pierced with sorrow. May Her and My example be your models to imitate. My Father will work wonders in souls if you know how to endure suffering as we endured it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.”

Source: Anonymous 

On being kind

“My children, who would go about throwing away treasure from a chest little by little? It would not occur to anyone to throw away precious stones or gold and silver coins without paying any importance to them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Every day you, children, throw away treasures which would be eternal for your souls. You throw away the opportunity for a smile, you throw away the opportunity to do something good, to give up your seat in the bus, to be kind to a neighbor; every day you throw away veritable treasures of holiness that would go to filling the coffers of your souls, so that by accumulating them you might one day attain Eternal Life.
You believe that holiness is doing heroic acts, acts that not everyone can do, such as fasting for 40 days, or stopping drinking water for a long time, but no, children, no, holiness is doing at every moment what I, Jesus, would do, and giving love to souls as the opportunity presents itself to you, and demonstrating to them that you are true Christians because you do not discriminate between people. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

A simple life lived in every moment with the intention of pleasing God and the desire to save souls or to convert sinners, such a life lived this way in union with Me is an endless source of holiness, and since they are simple things that you are doing, the tares of vanity cannot enter you because only I know the value of those small acts done with the intention of helping and giving love to souls. Do not waste the treasure you have every day of doing good in small things. One day you will be presented with doing good in greater things, but I ask you to sanctify the present moment without thinking about the future, as you do not know whether you will have one. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Be simple, humble Christians without proposing heroics, as if I want you to do them I will send them and I will give you the grace for it, but do not waste those daily treasures that are smiling, being kind, being long-suffering with the humiliating things said to you, and thus you will accumulate it [treasure] within you, and those little battles that you win at every moment will prepare you to win in time the great battles or days of trial that come to you, from which nobody’s life is ever exempt. So, children, start from now on to give an example of kindness and courtesy so that those who receive such acts of love – even if they do not realize it at the time – might later think that there is something in you that attracts them, and that something is the love that you have for Me and that is translated in your small and great actions. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.”
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On forgiveness 

“Alleluia, children, alleluia!, because one more year you celebrate My Easter Resurrection and rejoice in it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

See that death no longer has dominion over Me and likewise will not have it over you if you die in Me and with the soul clean from mortal sins and grudges. Do not hold a grudge against anyone as this is an immense poison for your soul and can make you lose blissful eternity. Anyone who has something against their brother or sister, against their neighbor, no matter how much they have done to them, may they forgive them from the heart and not hold any grudges against them, and were it the case that they should meet them, speak to them, because I forgave My enemies and those who were cruel to Me from the Cross, and My Mother imitated me in everything. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Children, do not play with your eternal salvation over some quarrels that have already passed, that are consequences of your human weakness, because many die with this poison in the soul and cannot enter Heaven, and if they stay in Purgatory its duration is immense, because you have to forgive and to do it from the heart. Remember My new Commandment that you love one another but as I have loved you (Jn 13:34), not in your way of loving, but Mine. Children, this is very important, and although I have said it many times, I will always have to remind you because there are many, many souls who do not forgive and who suffocate in their own pride, which is the worst attachment that they can have. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
Everyone who forgives the evil done to them has Me ready to forget their sins and to forgive them, because the one who knows how to forgive and forget is a soul that has understood My doctrine and that imitates Me and pleases me very much. Therefore, children, put this into your heads as I suggest: forgive, forgive, forgive, and if it costs you, go to My Holy Mother so that She may help you, or come to Me so that I may help you to undertake that forgiveness, as not granting it harms you more than anyone else.

Be holy in every respect. Be virtuous in everything, so that at the hour of death there might be nothing that prevents you from entering My Kingdom. Do not eternally carry this great evil that is resentment, because the same will choke you in your own vileness and lead you to total ruin. Children, you who read these messages, may you not slip, may you not read and put them away; put them into practice but do it now, do not delay this matter any longer. I, Jesus, am asking you and instructing you.”
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On complaining and criticizing

“Children of God, be aware that you have a soul to save and that no one will save it for you; it is your task, and although the grace of God will not fail you, you must strive to do everything on your side. I, Mary Most Holy, am speaking to you.

Do not speak so negatively that you spend your life criticizing and murmuring about everyone, children, including your relatives; even your thoughts are the source for you of unfavorable criteria regarding this or that person, and with this you are lacking in charity. You must also confess those negative things that you think about this or that person, because you are not perfect and also have far to travel in order to reach perfection.

Do not be negative when talking, neither when it is cold nor when it is hot. Do not complain so much about the weather, fatigue, rulers, bosses, teachers. Be more charitable souls and more like Jesus who loved everyone alike, and if he did have to admonish someone, he did it for their good and sometimes in public in order to show that such souls were not to be imitated. I, Mary Most Holy am speaking to you.

We are in the month that you have dedicated to me and you offer me novenas, songs and flowers. I am pleased that you do so but it would please me more if the flowers that you offer me were [those of] making a greater effort to improve yourselves, to restrain your tongue, to speak more positively rather than negatively, because you make trouble in everything with your negativity and you influence those who listen to you . And this I say also for those people who lead a life of piety, but then stumble regarding the same things as those who do not.

Children, you should do more to edify those who know you and with whom you live, because if they see you who lead a life of piety with so much imperfection, not only do you not transmit faith but you cancel it out it in those in whom it is weak. Children, be therefore souls that edify, souls that are seen and God is praised; it is not enough to lead a life of piety, you need to be consistent with that life at all times, inside and outside Church, and thus you will honor your Heavenly Father who sees everything and is constantly looking at you. I, Mary Most Holy, am speaking to and instructing you.”
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In Enduring and Offering Yourselves You will be Martyrs

“Marvelous are the rewards that await those souls who, overcoming one tribulation after another, will reach blessed eternity, where I await them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

There are souls who without knowing it are true martyrs in My church. They suffer one tribulation after another, and they do not know that I arrange it thus for a greater crown and so that they might grow in more virtue, and because additionally those tribulations suffered out of love for Me and My glory, will attract many other souls, some of them among their relatives, to blessed eternity. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

So, children, do not be discouraged when this and that trial come to you. My mortal enemy wants you to make you succumb, so that you abandon Me and leave the way free for him to work ill in souls, but in enduring and offering yourselves, you will be martyrs for My Truth and you will be souls that draw – without even knowing it – many others. Therefore, rejoice when, serving me and being faithful to me, adversity arises for you. Do not be concerned about honor or recognition by creatures; only be concerned that I, Jesus, am with you, and although it seems that I have abandoned you, I do not leave you for even a single moment. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I know that if it depended on you and you had the opportunity, you would fight for My Truth in all groups. I know that your desire is that I would be victorious in this society and that in the Church I be given the worship and adoration that I deserve for being God and Lord. And I, in a way that you do not even realize, make your wishes come true even if you do not notice them, because many of them are fulfilled without your being aware of it. Therefore, My souls, all dear to My Heart: courage, love, perseverance and peace; I am with you until the end, and if you do not turn your back on me, nor will I, because you are the ones who truly defend My Church, My Gospel and the true Magisterium of the Church. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and encouraging you to keep going forward. Peace to everyone who, reading this message, believes it and puts it into practice.”
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The “Our Father” Explained

Jesus speaks:

«Listen. When you pray, pray thus: “Our Father, Who are in Heaven, may Your name be held holy, Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven, and may Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us today our daily bread, forgive us our debts as we forgive those who are in debt to us, and do not put us to the test, but save us from the Evil One.

Nothing else is required, My friends. Everything man needs for his spirit and his flesh and blood is contained in these words as in a golden ring. With this prayer you ask for what is useful to the former and the latter two. And if you do what you ask for, you will gain eternal life. It is so perfect a prayer that neither the storms of heresies nor the course of ages will undermine it. Christianity will be split by Satan’s bite and many parts of My mystic body will be torn off and separated, forming independent cells in the vain desire to form a body as perfect as the mystical Body of Christ will be, which is the one formed by all the faithful believers united in the apostolic Church, the only true Church, as long as the earth exists. But those separated little cells, devoid of the gifts, which I will leave to the Mother Church to nourish My children, will always be denominated Christian, because of their worship of the Christ, and in their error they will always remember that they derive from the Christ. Well, they will pray with this universal prayer as well. Remember it carefully. Meditate on it continuously. Practice it in your actions. You need nothing else to sanctify yourselves. If one were alone, in a heathen place, without churches, without books, one would already have all the knowledge to meditate on in this prayer and a church in his heart for this prayer. One would have a safe rule of sanctification.

“Our Father”. I call Him: “Father.” Father of the Word, Father of the Incarnate. That is how I want you to call Him because you are all one with Me, if you remain in Me.
Once man had to prostrate himself with his face on the ground to whisper, trembling with fear: “God!” He who does not believe in Me and in My word is still in such paralyzing fear… Watch the interior of the Temple. Not God, but the very remembrance of God is concealed from the eyes of the faithful by a treble veil. He who prays is separated by remoteness and veils, everything has been devised to say to him: “You are mud. He is Light. You are contemptible. He is Holy. You are a slave. He is King.” But now!… Stand up! Come near Me! I am the Eternal Priest. I can take you by the hand and say: “Come.” I can grasp the veils and draw them, and thus throw open the inaccessible place closed so far. Closed? Why? Closed by Sin, yes. But even more closed by the dispirited thought of man. Why closed if God is Love, if God is father? I can, I must, I want to take you not into the dust, but into the azure; not far, but near; not as slaves, but as children on to the heart of God. Say: “Father! Father! .” And never tire repeating this word. Do you not know that every time you say it, Heaven shines because of God’s joy? If you said with true love no other word but that one, you would be saying a prayer pleasing to the Lord. “Father! Father!” the little ones say to their fathers. It is the first word they say: “Mother, father.” You are the little children of God. I begot you from the old man you were and whom I destroyed by means of My love to give birth to the new man, the Christian. Call, therefore, the Most Holy Father Who is in Heaven, with the first word that little children learn.

“May Your Name be held holy.” Oh! Name, which is holier and sweeter than any other name and which the fear of the guilty taught you to conceal under a different one. No, no longer. He is God. He is the God Who in an excess of love created Mankind. And Mankind, from now onwards, with lips cleansed by the purification that I am preparing, should call Him by His Name, awaiting to fully comprehend the true meaning of the Incomprehensible One, when the best children of Mankind, united to Him, will rise to the Kingdom that I have come to establish.

“Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.” Desire its coming with all your strength. If it came, it would be the joy of the earth. The Kingdom of God in hearts, in families, among citizens and nations. Suffer, work, sacrifice yourselves for this Kingdom. Let the earth be a mirror reflecting the life of Heaven in each individual. It will happen. All this will happen one day. Centuries of tears and blood, of errors, persecutions, of darkness relieved by flashes of light radiating from the mystical Light of My Church will precede the moment in which the earth will possess the Kingdom of God. Oh! My Church: although a boat, it will never be sunk, as it is also a cliff unshakeable by breakers and will hold high the Light, My Light, the Light of God. And it will then be like the intense blazing of a star which, having reached the perfection of its existence, disintegrates, an immeasurable flower of the ethereal gardens, to breathe its existence and love at the feet of its Creator, in a rutilant throb. But it will most certainly come. And then there will be the perfect, blessed eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

“And may Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” The submission of one’s will to the will of another person can be accomplished only when one reaches perfect love for that creature. The submission of one’s will to God’s can be achieved only when one achieves possession of the theological virtues in a heroic degree. In Heaven, where everything is faultless, God’s will is done. You, children of Heaven, must learn to do what is done in Heaven.

“Give us today our daily bread.” When you are in Heaven, God alone will be your nourishment. Beatitude will be your food. But here, you still need bread and since you are the children of God, it is only fair to say: “Father, give us some bread.” Are you afraid He will not hear you? Oh! no! Just think: If one of you has a friend and, if he finds out that he has no bread to offer another friend or relative, who has arrived in the middle of the night, goes to his friend saying: “Lend me three loaves, because a guest has arrived and I have nothing to give him to eat”, can he possibly hear his friend answer him from inside the house: “Do not bother me, I have already bolted the door and my children are already sleeping beside me. I cannot get up and give you what you want”? No. If he has applied to a true friend and if he insists, he will receive what he asks for. He would receive it also if he applied to someone who was not a very good friend. He would be satisfied because of his insistence, as his friend, of whom he asked the favor, will hasten to give him what he wants, so that he may no longer be bothered.
But when you pray the Father, you do not turn to a friend of the earth, but you apply to the Perfect Friend Who is the Father of Heaven. That is why I say to you: “Ask, and it will be given to you, search, and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to You.” For the one who asks will receive, the one who searches always finds, the one who knocks will have the door opened to him. What father among you would hand his son a stone when he asked for bread? Or hand him a snake instead of a roasted fish? A father who did that to his own children would be a criminal. I have already told you and I will repeat it to convince you to be good and trustful. As a sound-minded person would not give a scorpion instead of an egg, with what greater bounty will God give you what you ask for! Because He is good, whereas you are more or less wicked. Ask, therefore, the Father for your bread with humble filial love.

“Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who are in debt to us.” There are material debts and spiritual ones. There are also moral debts. The money or the goods that one has received as a loan and must give back, are a material debt. Esteem extorted and not given back and love wanted and not returned are a moral debt. To obey God, from Whom one would exact much giving Him very little, and to love Him are a spiritual debt. He loves us and is to be loved, as a mother, a wife, a son, from whom so much is exacted, are to be loved. A selfish man wants to receive, but does not give. But an egoist is poles apart from Heaven. We are in debt to everybody. From God to a relative, from a relative to a friend, from a friend to our neighbor, to a servant, to a slave, because they are all beings like ourselves. Woe to him who does not forgive! He will not be forgiven. God, out of justice, cannot remit the debt of a man who is in debt to Him, the Most Holy One, if man does not forgive his fellow man.

“Do not put us to the test, but save us from the Evil One.” The man who did not feel the need to share the Passover supper with us, asked Me, less than a year ago: “What? You asked not to be tempted and to be helped against temptation?”. There were only the two of us… and I replied. Later we were four, in a lonely area, and I replied once again. But still to no avail, because when dealing with an unyielding spirit it is necessary to open a breach by demolishing the evil fortress of his stubbornness. And I will, therefore, repeat it once, ten times, one hundred times until everything is accomplished. But since you are not hardened by strange doctrines or by even stranger pass- ions, I beg you to pray thus. Pray with humility that God may avert temptations from you. Oh! humility! To know oneself for what one is! Without losing heart, but to know oneself! Say: “I may give in, even if I do not think I could do it, because I am but an imperfect judge of myself. Therefore, Father, if possible, deliver me from temptations by keeping me so close to You as not to allow the Evil One to harm me.” Because, remember, it is not God Who tempts you to evil things, but it is the Evil One who tempts you. Pray the Father that He may support your weakness so that it may not be led into temptation by the Evil One.>>


Source: Maria Valtorta, “Poem of the Man-God”

Easter Sunday – What Happened?




  1. According to Faith:

“[…] In the clear sky, where to the east there is now a completely rosy zone, which is spreading out more and more widely, but where, however, there are no sunbeams as yet, a very bright meteor appears, coming from unknown depths, and it descends like a sphere of fire of unsustainable splendor, followed by a glowing trail, which perhaps is nothing but the persistence of its brightness in our retinae. It descends at a very high speed towards the Earth, shedding such an intense phantasmagoric light, frightful in its beauty, that the rosy light of dawn vanishes, outshone by such white incandescence.


The guards, astonished, raise their heads, also because with the light comes a mighty, harmonious, solemn rumble that fills the whole of Creation with its roar. It comes from heavenly depths. It is the alleluia, the angelical glory that follows the Spirit of the Christ, which is returning to His glorious Flesh. The meteor clashes on the useless closure of the Sepulcher, tears it off, throws it on the ground, and it strikes with terror and noise the guards placed as jailors of the Master of the Universe, producing with its return to the Earth a new earthquake, as it had caused one when this Spirit of the Lord fled from the Earth. It enters the dark Sepulcher that becomes all bright with its indescribable light, and while it remains suspended in the still air, the Spirit is infused again into the Body motionless under the funereal bandages. All this takes place not in a minute, but in the fraction of a minute, so fast have been the appearance, descent, penetration and the disappearance of the Light of God…


The «I want» of the divine Spirit to its cold Body is noiseless. It is uttered by the Essence to the immobile Matter. But no word is perceived by the human ear. The Flesh receives the order and obeys it with a deep sigh… nothing else for some minutes. Under the Sudarium and the Shroud, the glorious Body is recomposed in eternal beauty, it awakes from the sleep of death, and it comes back from the «nothing» in which it was, it lives after being dead. The heart certainly awakes and gives its first throb; it propels the remaining frozen blood through the veins and at once creates the full measure of it in the empty arteries, in the immobile lungs, in the dark brain, and brings back warmth, health, strength, thought.

Another moment, and there is a sudden movement under the heavy Shroud. It is so sudden that, from the moment He certainly moves His folded arms to the moment He appears standing, imposing, splendid in His garment of immaterial matter, supernaturally handsome and majestic, with a gravity that changes and elevates Him, and yet leaves Him exactly Himself, the eye has hardly time to follow the development. And now it admires Him: so different from what the mind remembers, tidied up, without wounds or blood, only blazing with the light that gushes from the five wounds and issues from every pore of His skin.


When He takes His first step – and in the movement the rays emanating from His Hands and Feet halo Him with beams of light: from His Head haloed with a garland, made with the countless little wounds of the crown, but they no longer bleed but only shine, to the hem of His tunic, when, opening His arms, that were folded across His chest, He uncovers the zone of very bright luminosity that filters through His tunic inflaming it like a sun at the height of His Heart – then it is really the «Light» that has taken a body. Not the poor light of the Earth, not the poor light of the stars, not the poor light of the sun. But the Light of God: all the heavenly brightness that gathers in one Being and grants Him its inconceivable azure as eyes, its golden fire as hair, its angelic whiteness as garment and complexion and all that exists, but cannot be described by human words, the super eminent ardor of the Most Holy Trinity, that outshines with its ardent power every fire in Paradise, absorbing Him in Itself to generate Him again at each moment of the eternal Time, Heart of Heaven that attracts and spreads His blood, the countless drops of His incorporeal blood: the blessed souls, the angels, everything there is the Paradise: the love of God, the love for God, all this is the Light that is, that forms the Risen Christ.

When He moves, coming towards the exit, and the eye can see beyond His brightness, two most beautiful brilliances, but similar to stars compared with the sun, appear to me, one on this side, the other on the other side of the threshold, prostrated in the adoration of their God, Who passes by enveloped in His light, beatifying with His smile, and He goes out, leaving the funereal grotto and going back to walk on the earth, that awakes out of joy and shines in its dews, in the hues of herbs and roseries, in the countless corollas of apple-trees, that open, by a wonder, to the early sun that kisses them, and to the eternal Sun Who proceeds under them.

The guards are there, shocked… The corrupt powers of man do not see God, whereas the pure powers of the universe – the flowers, herbs, birds – admire and venerate the Mighty One, Who passes by in a halo of His own Light and in an aureola of sunlight. His smile, His eyes that rest on flowers, on dead branches that look up at the clear sky everything becomes more beautiful. And more soft and shaded than a silky rosery are the millions of petals forming flowery foam on the head of the Conqueror. And brighter are the diamonds of the dew. And of a deeper blue is the sky reflecting His refulgent eyes, and more joyful is the sun that with gladness paints a little cloud blown by a light wind, that comes to kiss its King with scents stolen from gardens and with caresses of silky petals.

Jesus raises His Hand and blesses and then, while the birds sing more loudly and the wind carries its scents, He disappears from my sight, leaving me in a joy that cancels even the slightest remembrance of sadness and sufferings and hesitancy for tomorrow…” […]


“The Magdalene, is just on the border of the path that takes one to the kitchen garden of Joseph of Arimathea, when she is caught in the powerful and also harmonious roar of this heavenly sign, while, in the faint rosy light of dawn, that is advancing in the sky, where to the west a persistent star still resists, and that makes fair the so far greenish light, a very bright light appears and descends like and incandescent wonderful globe, cutting the calm air in a zigzag course. Mary of Magdala is almost grazed and thrown on the ground by it. She bends for a moment whispering: «My Lord!» and then she straightens up like a stalk after the wind has passed by, and she runs towards the kitchen garden even faster. She enters it quickly, and goes towards the Sepulcher in the rock as fast as a bird that is chased and is looking for its nest. But, no matter how fast she runs, she cannot be there when the heavenly meteor acts as a lever and as a flame on the seal of lime, placed as a reinforcement for the heavy stone, or when with the final crash the stone door collapses, causing such a shake that joins the one of the earthquake, which, although of a short duration, is so violent that it knocks the guards down as if they were dead.


When Mary arrives, she sees the useless jailors of the Triumpher thrown on the ground like a sheaf of mown corn. Mary Magdalene does not associate the earthquake with Resurrection. But looking at the spectacle, she thinks it is a punishment of God for the desecrators of Jesus’ Sepulcher, and she falls on her knees saying: «Alas! They have stolen Him!» She is really disconsolate and weeps like a girl who has come, being sure that she would find her father whom she was looking for, and instead finds the house empty.

She then stands up and runs away to go to Peter and John. And as she thinks of nothing but of informing the two, she forgets to go and meet her companions and remain on the road, but as fast as a gazelle she goes back the road she came, she passes through the Judicial Gate, and flies through the streets, which are a little more crowded, and she rushes against the door of the hospitable house and knocks at it furiously. The mistress opens the door to her.


«Where are John and Peter?» asks Mary Magdalene panting.


«There» says the woman pointing at the Supper-room.


Mary of Magdala enters and as soon as she is in, standing before the two astonished men, and in her voice, kept low out of pity for the Mother, there is more anguish than if she had shouted, she says: «They have taken the Lord away from the Sepulcher! I wonder where they have put Him!» and for the first time she staggers and is unsteady, and in order not to fall, she holds on whatever she can.


«What? What are you saying?» ask the two.


And panting she replies: «I went ahead… to buy the guards… so that they would let us go. They are there like dead bodies… The Sepulcher is open, the stone is on the ground… Who? Who did it? Oh! come! Let us run…»


Peter and John set out at once. Mary follows them for a few steps. Then she goes back. She seizes the mistress of the house, she shakes her, violent in her far-sighted love, and she shouts in her face: «Mind you do not let anybody go to Her (and she points at the door of Mary’s room). Remember that I am your mistress. Obey and be silent.» Then she leaves her aghast and joins the apostles, who are striding towards the Sepulcher…


[…] John, who runs faster, is the first to arrive at the Sepulcher. The guards are no longer there. Neither is the angel there anymore. John, timid and sorrowful, kneels down at the open entrance to venerate and get some indication from the things he sees. But he only sees, heaped on the floor, the linen cloths placed on the Shroud.


«There is really nothing, Simon! Mary has seen accurately. Come, come in, look.»


Peter, who is breathless after so much running, goes into the Sepulcher. On the way he had said: «I will never dare to approach that place.» But now he thinks only of finding out where the Master may be. And he calls Him also, as if He might be concealed in some dark corner. At this early hour in the morning it is still very dark in the deep Sepulcher, which receives light only from the opening of the entrance, where John and the Magdalene now cast a shadow… And Peter finds it hard to see, and has to help himself with his hands to ascertain what the situation is… He touches, trembling, the table of the anointment, and feels that it is empty…


«He is not here, John! He is not here! Oh! Come here! I have wept so much that I can hardly see in this poor light.»


John stands up and goes in. And while he does so, Peter discovers the sudarium in a corner, folded diligently and within it the Shroud rolled up carefully.


«They have really abducted Him. The guards were not here for us, but to do that… And we have let them do it. By going away, we have allowed that…»


«Oh! where will they have put Him?»


«Peter, Peter! This… is really the end!»


The two disciples come out looking annihilated. «Let us go, woman. You will tell the Mother…»


«I am not going away. I am staying here… Somebody will come… Oh! I am not coming… There is still something of Him here. The Mother was right… To breathe the air where He was is the only relief left to us.»


«The only relief… Now you also can see that it was nonsense to hope…» says Peter.


Mary does not even reply to him. She crouches on the ground, close to the entrance, and weeps, while the others go away slowly. She then raises her head and looks inside, and through her tears she sees two angels, sitting at the head and at the foot of the anointment stone. Poor Mary is so stupefied in her fiercest struggle between hope that is dying and faith that does not want to die, that she looks at them like one whose mind is completely blank, without even being surprised. The strong woman, who has resisted everything like a heroine, has nothing left but tears.


«Why are you weeping, woman?» asks one of the two shining young boys, because they look like very beautiful adolescents.


«Because they have taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have put Him.» Mary is not afraid to speak to them. She does not ask: «Who are you?» nothing. Nothing amazes her any more. She has already suffered everything that can astonish a human being. Now she is only a broken thing that weeps without strength or reserve.


The angelical youth looks at his companion and smiles. And so does the other. And in a flash of angelical joy they both look outside, towards the garden all in bloom with millions of corollas that have opened at the first sunshine on the closely planted apple trees of the orchard.


Mary turns round to see who they are looking at. And she sees a Man, most handsome, and I do not know how she does not recognize Him at once. A Man Who looks at her pitifully and asks her:


«Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you looking for?»


It is true that Jesus is dimmed out of pity for the woman, whom emotions have exhausted and who might die from sudden joy, but I really wonder why she does not recognize Him. And Mary sobbing says:


«They have taken my Lord Jesus! I had come to embalm Him while awaiting His resurrection… I gathered all my courage, my hope and my faith around my love… and now I cannot find Him any more… Or rather, I put my love around faith, hope and courage to defend them from men… but all in vain! Men have abducted my Love and with it they have deprived me of everything… O my lord, if you have taken Him away, tell me where you have put Him. And I will get Him… I will not tell anybody… It will be a secret between you and me. Look: I am the daughter of Theophilus, Lazarus’ sister, but I am on my knees before you to implore you, like a slave. Do you want me to pay you for His Body? I will do so. How much do you want?


I am rich. I can give you as much gold and as many gems as it weighs. But give it back to me. I will not denounce you. Do you want to strike me? Do so. Until I bleed, if you wish so. If you bear Him a grudge, let me expiate it. But give Him back to me. Oh! don’t make me wretched with this misery, my lord! Have mercy on a poor woman!… Do you not want to do it on my behalf? Then, do it for His Mother. Tell me! Tell me where my Lord Jesus is. I am strong. I will take Him in my arms and I will carry Him like a child to safety. Lord… lord… you can see it… for three days we have been struck by the wrath of God for what was done to the Son of God… Do not add Desecration to Crime…»


«Mary!» Jesus shines in calling her. He reveals Himself in His triumphant brightness.


«Rabboni!» Mary’s cry is really the «great cry» that closes the cycle of death. With the first one, the darkness of hatred enveloped the Victim with funereal bandages; with the second, the lights of love increased His brightness.


And Mary stands up as her cry fills the garden, she rushes to Jesus’ feet and would like to kiss them. Jesus moves her away, hardly touching her forehead with the tips of His fingers: «Do not touch Me! I have not yet ascended to My Father in this appearance. Go to My brothers and friends, and tell them that I am ascending to My Father and yours, to My God and yours. And then I will come to them.» And Jesus disappears, absorbed by an unsustainable light.


Mary kisses the ground where Jesus was and she runs towards the house. She goes in like a rocket, because the main door is half open, to let the master pass, who is going to the fountain; she opens the door of Mary’s room and drops on Her breast shouting: «He has risen! He has risen!» and she weeps happily.”

Source: Maria Valtorta


2. According to Science:

It is estimated that 34 trillion Watts would be needed to recreate the image on the Shroud in laboratory. Today’s technology can only generate up to a few billion Watts.

Click here for the video.

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Click here for the research paper.







A Little Known and Powerful Confraternity You Should Join

I attended an Ivy League school and I am part of several Alumni and social groups, but one tops -by far- all others in terms of benefits I have received from being a member.

I reached out to many people in the past, when I needed some favor, from MBA school alumni, undergraduate, and even high-school classmates. But it was the man who inspired the existence of this group to help me the most and the fastest.

I am talking of the Militia Angelica (“Angelic Warfare”) and of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the man behind the group. Joining is free, and the benefit of being a member is incredible strength in preserving purity. “Incredible” given the temptations to which we are constantly exposed. This is my testimony and I wish any Catholic knew about it too.

From the website (link here: http://opwest.org/awc/):

At the end of his remarkable life, Saint Thomas Aquinas made what is called a “general confession”— reviewing his whole life to a priest. G.K. Chesterton relates the incident: “The confessor, who had been with him in the inner chamber, ran forth as if in fear, and whispered that his confession had been that of a child of five.”

Aquinas’ confessor experienced what numerous souls came to realize during and after the saint’s lifetime: here was a man gifted not only with one of the most profound intellects in history, but also with a manner of life that radiated childlike innocence and purity. Indeed, Pope Leo XIII affirmed that the Angelic Doctor’s title derives “no less from his genius than from his innocence.”

How It All Started

The Angelic Warfare Confraternity arose from one particular incident in the life of the saint. After deciding to become a Dominican at the age of 19, his noble family was distressed at the decision, strongly desiring him to stay nearer to home and become a respected abbot of the local Benedictine monastery. Aquinas remained firm in his decision, and requested that his superiors transfer him to Paris where he could be free from the influence and pressure of his family.
On his way to Paris, his mother sent two of his brothers to intercept him, which they did by force, eventually locking him in a castle. After continued efforts at persuasion by his mother and sisters had no effect, his brothers devised a wicked plot: they introduced a courtesan (a woman of ill-repute), into his cell to try to tempt him out of his vocation.

The young Thomas immediately seized a burning brand from the fire, chased the woman out, and slammed the door while emblazoning a cross on it. Immediately he dropped to his knees and thanked God for preserving his chastity, praying that this gift would endure. He then fell into a kind of mystical sleep, and two angels bestowed upon him a cord which he wore until his dying day. He finally relayed its existence and the whole episode to his deathbed confessor.

The Early Days

First in monasteries, then among the faithful, the custom developed of wearing a cord under the patronage of Saint Thomas as a special sign of one’s resolution to maintain a chaste life. By the 1500’s this practice became more general, as nuns at the convent of St. Margaret in Vercelli — to whom Aquinas’ cord had been entrusted — began to distribute cords to the faithful which had been touched to the miraculous cord. The practice became especially popular among college students seeking help in resisting the temptations of university life.
Fr. Deurwerders is the Dominican generally credited with founding the first Society of Angelic Warfare. In 1649 he made a pilgrimage to Vercelli and gathered all the information on the devotion around the cord he could. He then returned to the Catholic University of Louvain and, with permission of the local bishop, organized a solemn high mass, after which the dean of the faculty prostrated himself to receive the cord. Then, two by two, all the professors and students of the theology faculty did the same. Thousands of souls became members of the confraternity on that first day, a kind of new Pentecost ordered to solidifying chaste living in a chaotic world.

Official Approval

Pope Benedict XIII gave the confraternity official ecclesial approval in 1727, and numerous souls — even many saints — have become members of this confraternity through the years. Saint Aloysius, Saint John Calasanctius and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati are just some examples. Pius XI in Studiorum Ducem (1923) gave one of more recent papal exhortations, writing that “inasmuch as we see the majority of young people caught in the quicksands of passion, jettisoning holy purity and abandoning themselves to sensual pleasures, we exhort you to propagate everywhere…the society of Angelic Warfare, founded under the patronage of Thomas for the preservation and maintenance of holy chastity.”

Benedict also granted permission to wear, instead of the traditional cord, a medal inscribed on one side with an image of Our Lady of the Rosary, and on the other with Saint Thomas being girded by the angels. Various indulgences have been attached to membership and its practices.

The Confraternity in Modern Times

It is not an accident that the devotion of the cord sprang up in the Church precisely when Europe and Christian civilization was becoming more influential, urbanized and commercial. The medieval cities to which the original Dominicans were sent to preach tended to be hotbeds of political intrigue, economic ferment and moral temptation and vice. Our own age too — far more technologically and commercially developed than any medieval could have imagined — has seemed to take special delight in throwing traditional morality to the winds, especially in the area of chastity.

The well-known sexual revolution of the 1960s has sown widespread confusion in relationships, marriages and the social and moral development of young people. The sons and daughters of the Church today, no less than in previous ages, need every help possible to lead strong, chaste lives. The Angelic Warfare Confraternity continues to offer such help under the powerful patronage of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

That mellow, persuasive, friendly voice you hear sometimes when you need to decide between good and evil.. That’s the devil’s poison trap

Jesus says in response to some of my thoughts: “Lucifer is intelligent as well as cunning. Uses cunning to undermine, but intelligence to think about whether and when and how to give Me pain and ruin a creature. Believe Me that he never wastes his time unnecessarily.

So, given that, as he is ubiquitous on earth, has much to do with the many men who inhabit the globe. Man’s little attention and resistance to do good, make the power of Lucifer, which is already big, even bigger. However, I say to you, he must still calculate his time well and not lose a moment to work with profit. With his nefarious purpose that is to fatten his hell of stolen treasures to God: souls. He is truly a tireless worker. In Heaven, the Tireless works in your best interest. In Hell, the tireless works evils against you. And I say to you that he has more luck than God: his conquests (Editor: of souls), are more numerous than mine. But, you can well understand from My premise, that, being cunning, intelligent, and busy, He cannot afford the luxury of dealing with all souls equally. And he does not. Oh! His evil is an ascetic idea that he pursues, all voted to it, and he does not get distracted, nor by transactions, nor fatigue! If just you, men, pursued the good with the same intensity with which Satan pursues the evil! But you don’t.

Lucifer, as a human being starts growing in intelligence, initially cares very little, it only looks at them as probable future goats of its infernal flock; as a creature starts to know how to think, that is when older than seven years, it increases its attention and begins its teaching. The angelic ministry instructs and leads spirits with words of light. The satanic ministry instructs and instigates spirits with words of darkness. It is a struggle that never ends. Winner or loser one, winner or loser the other, the angel of light and the angel of darkness fight around a spirit to the last mortal blow, to tear him away from the other, returning that soul to his Lord, in the light, after he has had her in protection all of earthly day, or drag her into darkness if it was the other to eventually win. But between the two that fight, there is a third and the most important character. There is the man for whom the two fight. The man, who is free to follow his own will and is endowed with intelligence and reason, has the incalculable force of Grace that Baptism has given him and that the Sacraments maintain and increase.

Grace, you know that, is the union of the soul with God. So it should give you a lot of strength and make you unbreakable and incorruptible to satanic pitfalls and corruptions, because the union with God should make you like semi-gods. But to remain as such, one must want it. You need to tell Satan and to yourself: “I belong to God, and I want to belong to God only”. Thus obedience to precepts and counsels, thus continuous effort to follow and chase and achieve the good, and an ever growing good, thus absolute loyalty and constant vigilance, thus heroism to win themselves and the outside in the seductions of threefold concupiscence and its multiple faces. Few, very few, too few souls know how to do these things. So? So to these souls, so easy to take whenever he wants, so inert to escape when they have been taken, Satan gives little care. He does like the cat with the mouse. He takes them, strangles them a little, stuns them and then lets them go, then simply gives them another hit and bite if they show signs of a timid escape. Not more than that. He knows that they belong to him and does not waste much time with them, nor much intelligence.

But with “My” people! Oh! With my own he is different! They are the prey that most tickles his livid hunger. They are the impossible to take. And Satan, like an experienced hunter, knows that there is merit in capturing a difficult prey. They are the “joys” of God. And Satan makes great party when he can give pain to God, and make Him feel hurt and disappointed. He lives of hatred. Just like God lives of love. He is Hatred. As God is Love. Hatred is his blood. Like Love is mine. Here he is then, multiplying care and monitoring around a soul that is “mine.” Entering into a fortress which is already dismantled is a child’s play. He, the fierce king of hell, does not want that. He wants God’s strongholds, the clean and smooth fortresses, clear as crystal, strong as steel, which on all sides show the most holy Name: God, carved deep into its recesses – indeed it is as fluid that leaks out from the recesses, which emanates from the inside to the outside. The name they love, serve, speak with the spirit of adoration, with every beat of their heart. Pick them up, pick you up, tear you away from Me, erase from your threefold being of spirit, flesh and reason, that Name; make you, flowers of My garden, uncleanness for his hell; and laugh, throwing his blasphemous laughter against the divine throne, laugh for his victory against men and God. This is Satan’s joy.

The closer you are to Me, the more he ranges to make you his. And since you are constantly alert and your will is strong, he, the cunning, does not pursue you with the same method used for the others. Instead, he assaults you treacherously, with longer and longer distances in time, at the most unexpected moment and the most unthinkable reasons. He takes advantage of pain, need, abandonment, disappointment, and leaps like a panther on your amazed, heartfelt weakness of the moment, hoping to defeat you then and make up for all the times you’ve defeated him.

Which means does he use? Countless. Which method? Just one. That of a benevolent, liar gentleness, a rational and peaceful word, an appearance of friendship that helps, that wants to help.

Have you been assaulted? And you’ll still be, and many times, and in more and more cunning ways. Oh! What hatred he has for Me and for you! You will have increasingly more assaults; and so cunning as to mislead even the most alert. Alert humanly speaking, though. Because, smile soul whom I love, because simplicity in God, and which is kept as such, is impenetrable to every subtlety. He will scratch you on the outside. But it is an honor for a soldier the scar that marks the flesh and says: “This sign is proof of manly battles”. And the more scars a soldier has, the more the world gives honor to the brave. The same thing happens in spiritual battles. And your wounds, which do not affect the spirit, but only scratch that which is housing of the spirit-king, are your honor. And because of them, you will be honored in Heaven.

In truth I tell you that you call “martyrs” only those who were killed by tyrants. But all my saints are martyrs. Because, to be saints, they had to suffer persecution of Satan and remain faithful. Glory to the winner! Palms are for you in Heaven.

Source: “Notebook #32”, Maria Valtorta


Why good works not done in a state of grace are not profitable for eternal life

Jesus speaks: “Do you not know, dear daughter, that all the sufferings, which the soul endures, or can endure, in this life, are insufficient to punish one smallest fault, because the offense, being done to Me, who am the Infinite Good, calls for an infinite satisfaction? However, I wish that you should know, that not all the pains that are given to men in this life are given as punishments, but as corrections, in order to chastise a son when he offends; though it is true that both the guilt and the penalty can be expiated by the desire of the soul, that is, by true contrition, not through the finite pain endured, but through the infinite desire; because God, who is infinite, wishes for infinite love and infinite grief. Infinite grief I wish from My creature in two ways: in one way, through her sorrow for her own sins, which she has committed against Me her Creator; in the other way, through her sorrow for the sins which she sees her neighbors commit against Me. Of such as these, inasmuch as they have infinite desire, that is, are joined to Me by an affection of love, and therefore grieve when they offend Me, or see Me offended, their every pain, whether spiritual or corporeal, from wherever it may come, receives infinite merit, and satisfies for a guilt which deserved an infinite penalty, although their works are finite and done in finite time; but, inasmuch as they possess the virtue of desire, and sustain their suffering with desire, and contrition, and infinite displeasure against their guilt, their pain is held worthy. Paul explained this when he said: If I had the tongues of angels, and if I knew the things of the future and gave my body to be burned, and have not love, it would be worth nothing to me. The glorious Apostle thus shows that finite works are not valid, either as punishment or recompense, without the condiment of the affection of love.”

Of the evils which proceed from the blindness of the intellect; and how good works not done in a state of grace are not profitable for eternal life. “[…] Their virtues are dead because all their works are dead, having been performed in mortal sin, and without the light of Faith. They still have the form of holy baptism, but not its light, of which they deprived themselves, through the cloud of sins they have committed, through self-love which has covered the pupil of their eye. To such as these is it said, Those who have faith without works are dead. Wherefore as the dead do not see, neither can such a man see, because the pupil of his eye has been darkened, as I have told thee, nor does he know that he remains in the sins which he has committed. He does not recognize in himself My goodness, whence he has received being and every other grace that he possesses. Therefore, not recognizing Me in himself, he does not hate his own sensuality, but rather loves it, seeking to satisfy his appetite, and so brings forth the dead offspring of many mortal sins.

He does not love Me, and not loving Me, does not love what I love, that is to say, his neighbor, and does not delight in doing what pleases Me, wherein consists true and real virtue, which it pleases Me to see in him, not because such virtue profits me, for nothing can profit Me, I being He without whom nothing is done except sin (which is nothing, inasmuch as it deprives the soul of grace and of Me, Who am Every Good.) It is rather on account of their own profit that the virtues of men please Me, for I have the wherewithal to reward them in ever lasting life. Thou see, then, that the faith of these wretches is dead, because it is without works, those which they perform not meriting for them eternal life, because they are deprived of the life of grace.

Nevertheless, a man should not leave off doing good, either with or without grace, for, just as every sin is punished, so is all good rewarded. The good which is done in a state of grace merits eternal life, and the good done out of grace is rewarded in various ways, as I told thee above; for sometimes I lend them time for repentance, or put into the hearts of My servants to continue intercessions for them, by means of which they often escape from their sins and miseries.

Sometimes, through the disposition of My grace, they receive neither prayers nor time, but are rewarded with temporal things, being treated like animals that are fatted for the slaughter. Therefore such as these, who, having always kicked against My goodness, nevertheless do some good, not in a state of grace, but in sin, and have not profited in their works either by time, or by prayers, or any of the other ways in which I have called them, being reproved by Me for their sins, (My goodness wishing nevertheless to reward their works, that is, that little service which they have done), they are rewarded by Me with temporal things on which they fatten, and, not correcting themselves, they come to eternal punishment.

See, then, how they deceive themselves! Who deceived them? Themselves, because you have taken away the light of living faith, and go on as blinded, groping and clinging to what they touch. And since they do not see that with the blind eye and have placed the affection in transitory things, so are deceived, and do as fools, who look only to gold [Scorpion] and not to the poison.

Know therefore that the things of the world, all its delights and pleasures, if they have them taken, acquired and held, without me, with disordered self-love. They rightly remind of scorpions, that carry the gold in front and behind the poison. There is no poison without gold nor gold without poison; but the first to be seen is the gold, so that no one defends himself from the poison except who is illuminated by the light of faith.”

Source: “The Dialogue of Saint Catherine of Siena”